What's in it for me - the customer?

We're proud of our colour. But what does Hudson’s Colour Managed Workflow actually mean to our clients?

At Hudson Display Services Ltd we're proud of our fully colour managed workflow. We shout about it. Waffle on about it. We have certificates galore decorating the walls, and we've flown colour engineers half way around the world to ensure that Hudson Display Services Ltd is simply as good as it can be when it comes to accurate colour. 

Most of our clients nod politely, smile at the mad man with his biggest colour gamut, and forget all about it. After all, why should they care? What's in it for them? So we're a bunch of smart arses when it comes to colour. How does that help our customer get a better printed product? Why does that mean they should give Hudsons their business? So let's think about what we mean by colour managed workflow and then boil it down into what's in it for you, the customer.

Well let’s start with some solid unarguable facts.

Because we can trust our machines to get your colour right first time we don't have to print test strips. We don't have to print a test strip, tweak settings, print another test strip, tweak settings... taking up time and media. Time and media equals cost. Cost equals higher pricing. So that means that our being expertly colour managed gets you better prices. Sound good?

Because we don't have to waste time printing test strips, we're quicker. That means that our being expertly colour managed gives you get better prices, and faster lead times. Sound good?

Because we're quicker and more efficient we can produce more volume with less overhead. This means that our being expertly colour managed gives you greater volumes, at better prices, with faster lead times. Still sounding good?

Because we can trust our machines, we can see where your artwork is asking for an unprintable colour (yes they do exist) BEFORE we print your job. We can soft proof your image, showing on screen how it would look on any one of our media, and raise any questions before so much as a dot has hit the page. So our being expertly colour managed means you get better prices, faster lead times, accurate expectations, and reliability, with no nasty surprises. Sounding good?

If you would like us to, we can add the ability to soft proof on all of our media to your own software. You can design with the print in mind, creating a better file, knowing in advance how any print will look when you receive it. You won’t need to learn any colour theory. We just set it up for you and show you where to click the mouse. In doing so, you’ll never need a proof image again, and you’ll never worry about “that” corporate colour or “that” skin tone again. So, better prices, faster lead times, realistic and reliable, pro-actively helping you create better files whilst giving peace of mind. There’s quite a lot of by products of this colour managed workflow idea that really give the customer something special.

Finally, because we have professionally profiled every output condition, we can squeeze every drop of colour out of every machine we run. If you let A.N.Other printer with the same equipment run the same job on his factory default setup vs our fully colour managed setup, the print from our system will sing in comparison to his. That's right, when everything else is equal, our colour managed system simply creates a better product.

So when we waffle on about our colour managed workflow like excited children, what we're failing in our excitement to say is:

Our colour managed workflow gives you a better product at a better price, at a faster rate, with no nasty surprises. It enables us to be proactive doing business with you, enabling you to see exactly what your image will look like on any given media with just a couple of mouse clicks. Your image will look the best it can look on each and every media, and will be consistent throughout.

That’s what’s in it for Hudson’s customers – and we’re quite proud of that.