Colour Management - Useful Links

There is a wealth of information online regarding Colour Management. Most of it is terrible, some of it is useful, a little of it is gold dust. Some is written in straightforward terms, some is so deep in jargon even a qualified CM Professional has to fight to figure out what's being said.

If you have a specific issue, check our Knowledge Base, call us on 01702 232500 to discuss it, or perhaps you'll find the answer you need on one of these sites - which are some of the better places to look for information on digital colour related issues.


The best Colour Engineer we know - Correct Color  


Documents and Articles:

The Chartered Quality Institute's Guide to Digital Colour Workflow

The International Colour Consortium - detailed information from the organisations behind colour management



Chromix ColorThink - a fantastic visual aid to understanding colour on different devices and media. 


Forums and Communities:

Chromix Colour Forums



The International Prepress Association Colour Management Professional Programme


Trumpet Blowing:

A List of IPA Qualified Colour Management Professionals