The Online Colour Management Training Program

The International Pre-Press Association's Colour Management Professional Certification Program, promoted in the UK by Hudson Display Services Ltd.

The course is designed for creative, photography, prepress, premedia and print professionals; those interested in gaining valuable knowledge of the principles of colour management in a graphic communication production environment; and those who wish to be recognized for their colour management expertise.

CMP Program Objective 
The objective of the Colour Management Professional (CMP) program is to provide a consistent worldwide understanding of the best practices associated with colour management implementation.The program also assures that technology managers, production professionals and colour management practitioners are properly recognized for their expertise and knowledge of the colour management arena.

Why CMP Certification? 
Creative, premedia and print service providers are seeking professionals with the knowledge, experience and demonstrated skills to manage an efficient colour managed graphics workflow to assure an efficient internal production system and to achieve external customer satisfaction. In addition, premedia, print and packaging buyers are seeking the certified assurance their graphic solutions and print providers have qualified professionals on staff who can achieve accurate quality controlled colour reproduction and maintain the brand integrity of their marketing campaigns.

Why are Hudson's supporting these courses in the UK? 

If you are a photographer, a designer, a sign maker, or a printer in the UK and you don't feel you understand colour management - you are in the majority. At Hudson's we want our clients to benefit from accurate colour communication. Benefiting in terms of saved time and money, and a better product. If you've always considered colour management something for the "big boys" or  "techies", or if you've simply never had the time to look into the subject, then these courses are for you. Available 24 hours a day, you work at your own pace, as and when you have the time. If you are in anyway involved in the creation or movement of digital artwork you will save yourself the cost of these courses in a matter of weeks, through saved time alone. Craig Hudson, Managing Director of Hudson Display Services Ltd, completed all of the CMP courses, becoming the IPA's first CMP-Master

"Anyone who has passed the CMP Fundamentals exam is someone I know I can talk colour with. The relationship between my company, as a colour managed wide format print house, and my client who has the Fundamentals under their belt is so simple! Their artwork files can go straight onto my machines, on any media, and they know they're going to get the colour they expect. Because it's so straightforward I can offer them better pricing, and incredibly fast turnaround. It's amazing to think that traditionally a large part of the time involved in producing any print job is checking to see if those upstream have got their bit right! These courses remove that unnecessary work, and everyone benefits. Savings in time, accuracy, quality, money. No messing around with proofs, no worrying that your exhibition stand colours won't match the brochures... Who wouldn't want that!? The real beauty is, at least from a designer's perspective, that they're already using the software. These courses just show you how to communicate your colour precisely, using the tools you already own and are familiar with. The best money I ever spent on training. I liked it so much I asked them to let me promote it here in the UK!"  

Craig Hudson, Sept 2010.

What does the CMP training involve?
The Colour Management Professional (CMP) certification program is comprised of a series of on-line video instructional colour management courses and exams. The CMP certification program begins with an extensive course on “Colour Management Fundamentals” where you can achieve certification as a "Colour Management Associate." This is followed by additional instructional courses to seek "Professional" certification in many specialty areas within a graphic communication production environment. The complete CMP series of colour management education and certification includes:

Each course contains both education and testing. The educational courses are available for colour management practitioners to expand their colour management skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the educational courses, students and practitioners may proceed to pass the certification exams to qualify for their CMP Professional certification.

Content Delivery

For a taster, view our Sample Lesson, which is the introductory lesson of the Fundamentals course.

The CMP content has been developed by industry-leading color management experts using advanced online training technology with 24/7 access to all courses and exams. This content will be regularly updated to reflect changing technology and best practices. Upon achieving CMP certifications, annual renewal CMP certifications will assure CMP Professionals have been educated on the latest colour management knowledge and best practices year-to-year.

What are the benefits of becoming a CMP?

  • Improve Colour Accuracy

  • Better print, faster turnaround, happier clients = repeat business

  • Assure Clients of Brand Colour Integrity

  • Build Colour Managed Workflows

  • Control Image & Application Colour

  • Save time and money 

It's always nice to be an expert in your field, and these courses make a seemingly complex subject straightforward. If you work with colour, and have ever encountered colour communication issues between software programs, devices, and, of course, vendors - then these qualifications are for you. Not only do they teach you what you need to know. They also certify your knowledge. You know that your understanding of the subject is good, and you can prove that to anyone you might need to.   

PLEASE NOTE: Students MUST have passed the Fundamentals exam before undertaking the individual Expert exams.

CMP Online Course and Exam